Sundara Karma // Liverpool // 30.12.17

Words: ">Nick Iatridis-Jones

Words by Claudia Kemp //  @claudiakempp

  • The Reading four piece make a return to Liverpool after their last performance in the city in February of this year.
  • They amazed the crowd once again, while including some fresh material added to their album Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect, such as Lahkey and Explore.
  • A minimalistic stage design allowed the focus to solely rest on the band as they mixed old favourites with new songs we’ve learned to love.

Liverpool Guild of Students saw the return of indie rock group, Sundara Karma, on Friday night, along with known and loved supporting like The Magic Gang and Willie J Healey. Setting the mood perfectly for the main performance, preparing the already giddy and excited crowd for the four piece to arrive on stage.

Adoring fans welcomed the band on stage, donning matching shirts and opening with Another Word For Beautiful; a rather calm start to the set. Paired with frontman, Oscar’s somewhat evocative vocals, the crowd was utterly mesmerised as they swayed along, but we were soon thrown into the upbeat and well known A Young Understanding, the first track off their debut album.

Image: Sundara Karma by Gary Coughlan

Throughout the performance, the line of three large, circular lights above the band cast great colours over the venue, which only added to the electric atmosphere. Some of their most popular songs, such as Loveblood, really caused a sense of exhilaration and elation when performed live.

Newer material was accepted just as much as the original songs from the band’s first album when slipped into the set list, though breaking it apart with favourites such as the cheerful She Said, and more romantic choice of Vivienne.

The group returned for an encore, playing Happy Family and Explore, which really topped the whole performance off. The latter managed to bring the crowd to life for a final farewell, with many finding it difficult not to dance along to it, with its catchy chorus and slightly morbid lyrics.

And overall, Sundara Karma stunned once again, while being totally and utterly themselves.

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