Abbie Ozard // ‘true romance’

Words: Gabrielle White / @gabrielleblanche

  • Abbie Ozard returns with 90’s indie-pop inspired ‘true romance’, released via LAB Records.
  • Ozard has already amassed over 2 million streams of her catalogue, including a feature on Spotify’s ‘The Indie List’.
  • Backed by contemporaries Phoebe Green, Lauren Hibberd and whenyoung, Ozard is paving the way for herself into the indie consciousness.

 A fur coat, mascara-smudged blue eyes and a rolling desert highway, these are the images that spring to mind when listening to Abbie Ozard’s latest single ‘true romance’. Inspired by the Tony Scott/Quentin Tarantino Movie of the same name, the track pulls you firmly back to the 90’s with its lilting indie-pop sound and signature Tarantino surf-rock bass line.  

Ozard has been building traction over the past couple of years, garnering attention from Jack Saunders and Huw Stevens of BBC Radio 1, performing at last year’s Bluedot festival and signing to LAB Records, and it’s clear why. Ozard’s 90’s bubblegum-pop-meets-grunge sound is her unique stamp on the industry today; equal parts No Doubt and Marina and the Diamonds (circa ‘Electra Heart’ era), ‘true romance’ would be as easily at home in a surprisingly feminist turn of the century rom-com, as it would blasting through your speakers on a long road trip across the continental U.S. 

She explains: “I feel like I’m constantly having some form of identity crisis; I watched True Romance and thought… I want to be this character, with a cool life, and ride around in a pink Cadillac. Hopefully one day I’ll be happy with everything that’s going on and the way I am, but for now I’m just gonna carry on wishing I was in True Romance”. The song is saturated with this youthful romanticisation of life, the possibility to be and do anything, and there’s a universality to this essence that echoes through the track and your ears.  

Ozard’s sound is simply becoming more and more distinct, with the help of producer Rich Turvey (Vistas, Blossoms) she’s begun to carve a clear-cut space for herself in the indie scene of today. Already booked to perform at next year’s Liverpool Sound City and Live at Leeds, Abbie Ozard is certainly one to be watched.