Adam Melchor // ‘Last Time’

Words: Dana Kats / @danakats13

  • 28 year old Adam Melchor has released his first single of 2021.
  • ‘Last Time’ is about unspoken goodbyes.
  • Released via R&R Digital w/ Warner Records.

Adam Melchor is probably the contemporary artist you need in your life if you admire the works of Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver. Beautifully atmospheric yet with a dreamy twist, Adam Melchor is a graduated Opera student coming from a family of two generations of music teachers. It is clear that the young artist has rich musical influences as all his works seem to have intricate and complex sounds that appeal to universal emotions.

The perfect soundtrack to your everyday life, Adam has released his newest song ‘Last Time’ on January 8th. In his own words, Adam describes his song: “I wrote ‘Last Time’ in late February of 2020, before the pandemic hit. I started the Lullaby Hotline that same week (and now I’m coming up on week 43?!?!) and always had this song in mind to put on the project. The song is about leaving someone at an airport and the feeling of watching them walk away from you. In that moment, I ask myself ‘is this the last time I’ll see this person?’ and proceed to walk myself through every good and bad scenario until ultimately, I see them again. I remember thinking while writing this, ‘will there ever be shows again?’. Hopefully someday soon we’ll be able to laugh at how much we cried this year, and be around the people & communities we love that bring us light.”

‘Last Time’ is a song truly fitting of its time and has perfectly accompanied the bittersweet sensations from probably one of the strangest eras we’ll ever have to live through. Wonderfully hopeful also, it’s like a beacon of light at the end of a tunnel sending the message to be strong and soon we’ll all be able to meet again. For now, it’s all about listening to ‘Last Time’ on your headphones watching the rain fall onto your window proving once more that we are the main characters in this story.

‘Last Time’ is the first song to be released from his upcoming ‘Melchor’s Lullaby Hotline VOL 1.’, releasing in March with some more singles coming out before this. He has created a collection of songs that he has shared with fans since last February and it is obvious that Adam’s aim is to please his listeners. Don’t be shy and go have a listen to Adam’s latest single because this young man is going to keep surprising us as this year drags along.


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