Words by Will Lloyd // @wjjlloyd

  • Hailing from South London, CALM is an alternative band consisting of four early twenty-somethings
  • Self-produced debut single ‘VIVID’ is the band’s first release to date
  • The track offers a supremely catchy chorus, bass riffs reminiscent of The Smiths, and an overall feel of the best of Peace, circa ‘Happy People

CALM are a four-piece alternative outfit based in South London, combining elements of anthemic nineties Britpop with slick grooves to positively catchy effect.

Image: CALM

Described as a ‘coming of age’ debut, ‘VIVID’ was self-produced and written by the band’s frontman Adam James, which (we have to say) is pretty impressive to say the least. The track oozes with the confidence of a band ready to rattle some sizeable cages, and will have you echoing the contagious ‘I’m so vivid’ chorus line whilst doing your dishes.

For fans of: DMA’sThe Night Café and Blur

Listen to CALM’s debut release and official music video now:

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