Fat Trout Trailer Park // ‘Fatberg’

Words: Sharc Bolan / @sharcbolan

  • This track is taken from the upcoming Fat Trout Trailer Park EP.
  • FTTP A.K.A. Sean Raab was the first guest on The Britanys ‘It’s My Life’ web series.
  • Raab has cited his main influences for the project as Death Grips & Tame Impala.

Have you ever wondered how a post-punk interpretation of what people in the future would think the past sounds like? Well, look no further than ‘Fatberg’, the debut release from Fat Trout Trailer Park.

‘What exactly am I getting?’ you may ask. Take a listen and you’ll hear what happens when you combine the bare-boned, riff-heavy structure of early-2000’s rock (filtered through the kaleidoscopic lens of the 2010’s psych revival) and the cut-and-paste approach & visceral impact of experimental electronica and hip-hop.

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