Ignant Benches // ‘Monodrama’

Words: Sharc Bolan / @sharcbolan

  • The San Diego quartet are made up of Anson Kelly (vocals/guitars), Andy Tistoj (guitar), Mauro Rocha (drums), and Ruben Gutierrez (bass)
  • Monodrama is the second single after 2019’s full length LP ‘Wishful Thinking (At Its Best)
  • FFO: Early 2000’s indie

Finally we have a successful torchbearer for the classic indie band that we haven’t seen since early Strokes or Monkeys: Ignant Benches.

Complete with guitar break hooks, slightly slurred vocals and a metronomical drum beat, the young group look set to be able to live up to lead vocalist Anson Kelly calling out ‘I’m a star’ in a voice not too dissimilar to an early Julian Casablancas mixed with a young Dallon Weekes.

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