Nicolas McCoppin – ‘For Years’

  • ‘For Years’ is the final piece of the puzzle for LGBTQ pop artist Nicolas McCoppin’s debut album.
  • Already selected as VEVO’s “Bound To Be a Hit”
  • Since the New Yorker’s debut last year and up until the pandemic struck, he had been touring the NY circuit, including playing two huge sold-out shows at The Bowery Electric & Pianos

A shock to the ears for many WTF? readers we imagine, however, if you can sit through this track without letting out a smile or tapping a finger (at the slightest!) then we may need to call a doctor. This classic pop-bop lifts you up from the off and almost makes you feel as though you’re in love… until it finishes and then reality hits… but then you can always hit ‘replay’. We could imagine this summer smash being blasted out on a beach bar in the Med somewhere.

This is McCoppin’s second release of the year, and with an album due out in the near future, we’re looking forward to seeing where this takes him!

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