The Mysterines // ‘Who’s Ur Girl’

Words: Sharc Bolan / @sharcbolan

  • Catch them opening for The Amazons this month.
  • Don’t try to catch up with the band’s history. They’ve deleted every post on their Instagram for the release of this track.
  • This is the Scouse three-piece’s latest release under Pretty Face Recordings.
  • Sounding like something straight out of Scott Pilgrim.

@bryn_pretty on Instagram said ‘the new Mysterines single is some sexy fuzzy shit’ and we couldn’t agree more. Front woman Lia Metcalf does not have a reputation for holding back lyrically and this is no exception as she demands to know who your girl is. Even if you don’t have one you’ll be panicking to find an answer when it’s your turn.

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