This Is The Deep // ‘Eyes On You’

Words: Kristopher English / @kenglish47

  • This Is The Deep are a seven-piece from East London.
  • They are fresh off the release of their debut album, ‘The Best Is Yet To Come, Pt. I’.
  • FFO: PVA, Pottery & Pond.

This Is The Deep, a cult favourite and thrilling new East London seven-piece psych-pop collective, recently released their debut LP ‘The Best Is Yet To Come, Pt. I’. Tapping into greats for inspiration such as Suicide, Death Grips, and the evocative maestro himself Angelo Badalamenti, This Is The Deep ingeniously tell vivid and personal stories under the lens of ongoing issues like failed human connection and overreaching technology. 

📸 – @mark__connolly

The song that perfectly encapsulates the band’s vision is ‘Eyes On You’; an album centrepiece that pulses, panics, and drives forward with a menacing purpose. The repetitive synth bassline takes a page out of the aforementioned Suicide playbook, while the percussion and ominous piano licks are reminiscent of the short-lived and under-appreciated New York six-piece, White Rabbits. These musical components create a rich, darkly layered instrumentation that underlies the central lyrics “They got their eyes on you”, which effectively serves a stark reminder of the unapologetically boundary-less world we are living in.

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, “they” know about it...

This Is The Deep’s debut LP ‘The Best Is Yet To Come, Pt. I‘ is out now via B3SCI Records.