AVIV // ‘love of your life’

Words: Georgie O’Brien / @georgieobriennn

  • Honey-coated alt-pop single ‘love of your life’ from AVIV
  • 15-year-old, Toronto artist AVIV touches on insincere love bombing, and the drunk, head-spinning feeling of young love
  • Charming, tender, vulnerable – the single eludes conscious innocence and a slow, woozy lullaby aura
  • Released via Photo Finish Records
  • FFO: Billie Eilish & Clairo

15-year-old Toronto artist AVIV is far beyond her years, back with her latest sugar-coated tune ‘love of your life’. The track follows a catalogue of syrupy singles including ‘Black Coffee ft. OCTAVIO the Dweeb’, which gives a raw insight into her life in a collection of sheer sonic diary entries. With a Billie Eilish flush vocal tone mixed in with a more indie-infused vibe, her tender voice and conversational lyrics are the ultimate second hand cathartic experience. 

Living for the temporary highs keeps you afloat from the constant lows. Relatable? Been there? We all have. The comfort of this charming, calming song releases the strain on the deeper themes of mistreatment, and the inability to set yourself free displayed through authentic, straightforward lyrics like “We both know I’m incapable to leave, ’cause it still excites me when you say that I’m the love of your life”.

Sonically, the single is exciting, bridging a gap between alt-pop and indie, with floating dream-pop feel guitar riffs. The hazy wash over ‘love of your life’ contrasts the rather chaotic narrative. Equally, the single shows both sides of the coin with subtle hints of melancholy: through vocal breaks, surprising production twists in the minor feel pre-chorus, and echoing adlibs capturing the deluded, hopeless sense of passion.

Despite its dewy youthful glow, the track bodes a true maturity of honest, real-talk perception. The sound is easy listening and totally unique; her music screams “AVIV”, with her signature, effortless, ethereal voice and feminine, tranquil alt-pop soundscapes.

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