Blondes // ‘Coming of Age’

Words: J Anderson / @j.ando82

  • ‘Coming of Age’ is the latest single by Nottingham five piece Blondes.
  • Formed in 2017, the band have shot to success after ‘Coming of Age’ went viral on TikTok.
  • Blondes are set to release their debut EP on C3 Records this Spring.

Inspired after attending Glastonbury 2019, Nottingham five-piece Blondes agreed that they would not be returning home after finishing uni, instead deciding to move in together to pursue their music career as a full-time band. While the pandemic left the quintet unable to gig or enter a studio, in October 2020 Blondes’ track ‘Coming of Age’ became an overnight sensation on TikTok. The track’s use in thousands of videos across the platform led to a #comingofage trend that has caused their fan base to explode.

Created by the rediscovery of an old, unfinished song by guitarist Alex Davidson, ‘Coming of Age’ is melodic and feel-good with a poignant, emotional core. The heavy reverb on guitars and vocals throughout the track gives ‘Coming of Age’ a very fitting sound for its introspective tone of optimism tinged with sadness. Davidson has stated that the song has become Blondes’ “self-fulfilling anthem” – summed up perfectly in the chorus – “Here something really could happen”. Since the success of ‘Coming of Age’, Blondes have signed to C3 Records and have been recording an EP, set for release in spring.


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