Cathedral Bells // ‘Deep End’

Words: Kristopher English / @kenglish47

  • Cathedral Bells, hailing from Florida, was initially the solo project of Matt Messore, but has now evolved to a three-piece band.
  • ‘Ether’ is their latest LP released by Spirit Goth Records.
  • FFO: bdrmm, Slowdive & Ruby Haunt.

Cathedral Bells to me is being on a picturesque vacant beach, starved for sunlight through the haze of daunting clouds and thickening fog, pondering what’s next. If you are a shoegaze historian who happened to fall head-over-heels in love with Wild Nothing’s debut, Gemini, then you’re in for a treat with Cathedral Bells’ latest record, ‘Ether’. Each song, written and recorded during the seemingly never-ending pandemic, is drenched in nostalgia, loneliness, and uncertainty. The dreamlike reverb that hovers over each song helps to bring those feelings to life in a palpable way.

Every track on the record is immensely listenable, flowing well into and out of each other, but the standout is ‘Deep End’, a darker turn tucked away near the end of the album. The song was written at the very beginning of the pandemic, and evokes a sense of isolation through the pacing, sweeping vocals and lyrics. “The song is about feeling out of place, with a sense of carelessness. Wanting to be a part of your surroundings but reality has you feeling isolated and closed off”. Matt Messore, the band’s primary songwriter, shared “I was working on this song between March and April, through quarantine for me. I was really feeling uncertain with everything during that time and this song was my remedy to get through it”. As ‘Deep End’ comes to a close, Messore repeats the line “don’t give me a reason to hide”, which strikes an emotional nerve with its poignancy, and will likely resonate with almost everybody right now.


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