Drug Store Romeos // ‘Jim, Let’s Play’

Words: Kristopher English / @kenglish47

  • ‘Jim, Let’s Play’ is dreamy and evocative, and the latest release from the UK-based three-piece band.
  • The song is a playful nod to the Boston and Bay Area cult favourite, The Space Lady.
  • FFO: Alvvays, The Orielles & Sunflower Bean.

Drug Store Romeos have made quite the impression so far in their young career. Yet to release a full length record, this three-piece band from Fleet have toured with The Orielles, and have rightfully caught the attention of NME (and more) on the strength of their singles. Their latest, ‘Jim, Let’s Play’, is a nod to The Space Lady’s ‘Synthesize Me’, and adds to their growing collection of thoughtful, instantly-listenable, minimalist dream pop.

‘Jim, Let’s Play’ is a lovely and evocative piece of work. Standing at a tick above three minutes, not a second is wasted. Celestial vocals effortlessly float above hazy synths and a hypnotic bass groove. The drumming is subtly challenging, driving the song forward in sometimes surprising ways.

As the song progresses, Sarah Downie sings about “living in a technicolor dream” over a simultaneously futuristic and vintage sounding music box lullaby. I’d be lying if I said in that moment I wasn’t immediately transported there with her.   

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