Empath // ‘Born 100 Times’

Words: Elvis Thirlwell / @ging3rjazz

  • Philadelphian noise-punk quartet offer a tantalising glimpse of new material.
  • The first new music from the group in two years ahead of stateside shows in the winter.
  • A thunderous two minute cut of loud and euphoric power-pop.

Serving up their first new music since 2019’s rollicking ‘Active Listening: Night on Earth’ LP, Philadelphian noise-punk quartet Empath present a triumphant return to our eardrums with sizzling cut ‘Born 100 Times’.  

📸 – Marie Lin

Suffused with ear-worming vocal hooks, sieging drums and wall-to-wall gloriousness, ‘Born 100 Times’ is a frenzied power-pop rocket, blasting across the astral realms with joyful abandon and a vivacious sense of adventure. Clocking in at a touch over two minutes, this tightly woven whirlwind hints at a cleaner, punchier departure for the group, evoking some lost 90s lo-fi wonder, or Pom Poko at their sugary best. 

Accompanying the release is a frolicsome video of the group let loose in a New York State amusement park, tackling ferris wheels and ice creams with appropriate glee.  As the band ready themselves for stateside shows with Modest Mouse, Fucked Up and Future Islands lined up before the end of the year, ‘Born 100 Times’ offers a tantalising taste of what’s to come. 

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