Fiendz YT // ‘Reptile Child’

Words: Danny Gillies / @danny_gillies

  • ‘Reptile Child’ is the latest release from Glasgow four-piece Fiendz YT.
  • Known for their old-school punk, ‘Reptile Child’ is no different.
  • FFO: Gallus, The Roly Mo, Voodoos.
📸 – @danielblakephotography

As prominent members of the thriving Glasgow scene, Fiendz YT have cut their teeth in the small venues of the city centre. Despite being barred from Broadcast (videos available of the incident on YouTube), the four-piece have managed to gather a hardcore group of fans. Their EP ‘Spread Love, Smoke Spice’ accumulated thousands of well-deserved streams and the band have received editorial support from Spotify on numerous occasions.

Above: Release artwork for ‘Reptile Child’, Hash Club Records (2020)

Fiendz YT’s latest single ‘Reptile Child’ is within the same vein as their previous releases. A charging drum line and fizzing guitars leave plenty of room for vocalist Ross Mills’ seething lyrics about the monarchy. Not a band to shy away from controversy, ‘Reptile Child’s cover is a reptilian Prince Andrew eating a headless child, making their intentions crystal clear.

📸 – @danielblakephotography

The single also ends with a sound bite from the now infamous interview with the Prince regarding Jeffrey Epstein, with Prince Andrew stating “There’s a slight problem with the sweating”. It’s the perfect end to a two minute track that takes aim at the monarchy and shoots it right between the eyes. There’s no doubt that we’ll see more from Fiendz YT in the coming year and we can only guess who they’ll have in their sights next.


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