La Bouquet // ‘Anxiety, My Best Friend’

Words: Sharc Bolan / @sharcbolan

  • Contradictory to their name, the LA duo are not actually French

  • If you like emotional songs you can dance to, this is the band for you

  • The duo dropped their aptly named debut album ‘Sad People Dancing’ in April of 2019

An infectious blend of 80’s vibes and R&B with a post-punk ethos, La Bouquet present their first single of the year, ‘Anxiety, My Best Friend‘.

Keeping true to the song title, this tune is filled with ups and downs but launches the band into the new year with a fresh energetic feel overridden with melodies and sonically driven guitars.

Tipped off about these two by CALM – we can’t wait for them to come over to the UK.