RAMES // ‘Won’t Be Long’

Words: Sharc Bolan / @sharcbolan

  • This is the third release from the group.
  • Last year saw them support the likes of Flowvers and DECO as well as headlining The Grace in their hometown.
  • Recorded at Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton with Gavin Monaghan.

Get taken above the clouds by this gloriously indie track from London-based quartet RAMES, who take their name from an eye-catching surname on a Pulp Fiction poster and their latest artwork from a picture of guitarist Oli Zanetti’s grandfather.

Glistening and jangling guitars, catchy ooh’s and big build-ups all contribute to this track having a hook that will stay in your mind for weeks! Though I’m glad I’m not the one waiting up for lead singer Alan Li to return home to watch the sunrise in my eyes… as he would be disappointed in my ability to stay awake for him. But that’s besides the point. A great tune overall!

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