Spang Sisters // ‘Eddie Murphy’

Words: Gabrielle White / @gabrielleblanche

  • ‘Eddie Murphy’ is the first release of 2020 for Spang Sisters.
  • Though only performing live for three years, Spang Sisters have already sold out shows across the UK and mainland Europe.
  • Eddie Murphy offers a mellow but optimistic track accompanied by a delightfully irreverent and absurd music video.
📸 – Lorenzo Garrido

“Sleazy duo creating hot buttery delights for the community” – that’s how Spang Sisters describe themselves. ‘Eddie Murphy’ is the first track we’ve seen from the pair this year and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Dream pop stitched into slow-groove 70’s style funk-rock; the track serves up a distinctly mellow yet poignant point of view. 

It’s hard to discern the exact reference point for Spang Sister’s fusion of sounds, you can hear tones of Americana à la Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band, a splash of the ethereal dream pop of Ariel Pink and the distinct rebellious flavour of the 90’s Art-rock movement; all while maintaining a distinct retro slow-groove. What really strikes you on first listen is the initial lethargy and laid-back attitude of the song, culminating in a slow build to a soaring 70’s guitar line and cradling harmonies that make you feel like you’re flying.  

The accompanying music video paints the perfect irreverent backdrop for the song; a heart-warming tale of how a fish finger and a sausage fell in love, presented in lo-fi 70’s palette. The abstract presentation of an exclusively human emotion only furthers the incredibly current nature of this type of nostalgia and the music video itself has been selected for screening at the London Short Film Festival. 

Listening to Spang Sisters has the languid warmth of drinking liquid sunshine, and having already toured and sold-out venues in both the UK and mainland Europe, there can only be more good things to come for this yesteryear-inspired dream team.  

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