Rory Wynne // ‘Make You Mine’

Words: Gabrielle White / @gabrielleblanche

  • Rory Wynne is Manchester’s premier power-pop prince, excelling in his brand of rock-meets-80’s-American-synth-pop.
  • A favourite of BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, Radio X’s John Kennedy and Radio XS Manchester.
  • Wynne’s latest single ‘Make You Mine’ was released via Very Clever Records.

When you think of the artists that come from the north, what comes to mind? Something a little edgy and sardonic like New Order? Upbeat yet a little dark like Arctic Monkeys? Anthemic indie like Oasis? Well, Rory Wynne has come to break up the trend, shake up the North and inject some synth-infused, 80’s inspired joy into your listening with his latest single ‘Make you Mine’. 

📸 – Issie Gibbons

Wynne, who’s been song writing since the ripe old age of eleven, has a certain relatability to his lyricism. He writes about things we’ve all experienced and speaks with a hopeful candour where many artists so often miss the mark. ‘Make You Mine’ drills its way into your ears with relentlessly bouncy synth refrains and the images of “red wine and sunsets”. The influences of pop-iconoclasts like Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones are instantly recognisable with rising, sweeping guitar and ‘Thriller’-esque synth interludes, the song speaks like a love song to early American pop and the youth that accompanies it. Despite the pandemic bringing so much music to a crashing halt, Wynne has found a way to cut through the noise (or rather make it) and give us something so many musicians just won’t touch; a classic pop banger. Having already headlined his own tour as well as supporting music giants such as Dave Keuning (The Killers), a post-pandemic future is looking more than bright for Wynne.