Talkboy // ‘Wrapped in Blue’

Words: Gabrielle White / @gabrielleblanche

  • Talkboy present the titular track from their upcoming EP ‘Wrapped in Blue’.
  • The EP is set for release on February 11th via Come Play With Me/LAB Records, with the single available now on all digital platforms.
  • FFO: The Big Moon, Belle and Sebastian, Los Campesinos!.

Talkboy deliver an embracingly optimistic follow up to their 2020 release ‘Sky Is Falling’; ‘Wrapped in Blue’ maintains the joyful indie-pop precedent the band has set but elevates them into the realm of anthemic indie, with a track that rings through your ears like a packed concert hall and certainly earns its spot as the title track of their upcoming EP. 

📸 – Portia Hunt

Listening to ‘Wrapped in Blue’ all at once feels like lying in a sunlit field, wrapping your arms around your mates, and falling in love. There’s a youth to it, every note is played with a mixture of optimism and nostalgia with a relentlessly celebratory drumbeat and promising guitar line driving you forwards and sky-high. Vocalists Heap and Juniper’s combined vocals are almost symphonic in their harmony, like an earthier but equally rosy Belle and Sebastian. With the self-production of the track and mixing by Lee Smith (The Cribs, Pulled Apart By Horses), the track feels all the more singular in its creation of a feeling. 

📸 – Steven Jon Haddock

About the mood behind the track, guitarist Tim Malkin comments that: “It’s about coming to the realisation there is so much more to get excited about than this blue exterior you’ve been looking at for ages. The moral of the story is keep the people you care about as close as you can, they’re your ticket out of whatever it is.” In a time of isolation, this song reminds us that we’re not alone. ‘Blue’ is certainly the last thing that’s felt with this track on repeat.