The Early Mornings // ‘Blank Sky’

Words: J Anderson / @j.ando82

  • ‘Blank Sky’ is the second single by Manchester trio The Early Mornings.
  • The track showcases the band’s love for “both pop melodies and angular guitars”.
  • Released in anticipation of their debut EP.

The Early Mornings are a Manchester band formed in 2018 by vocalist Annie Leader, bassist Danny Shannon and drummer Rhys Davies. Armed with several home demos, the trio have gigged throughout the UK, including a support slot for The Raincoats. Their debut single ‘Artificial Flavour’ was released in early 2020 and The Early Mornings now return with their new track, ‘Blank Sky’.

Musically, there is plenty to enjoy about ‘Blank Sky’. The repetitive guitar parts throughout the track brush up against melodic, indie-pop style riffs that are derailed by Leader’s deadpan vocals and a mix that lands ‘Blank Sky’ in rough, post-punk territory. However, the appeal of ‘Blank Sky’ goes further than this, as the music, artwork and video all come together to create an aesthetic that balances a considered artistic image with an authentic representation of Northern grimness and understated humour.

‘Blank Sky’ is out now and precedes The Early Mornings’ debut EP, ‘Unnecessary Creation’, scheduled for release on June 18th.