Silvertwin // ‘Ploy’

Words: Gabrielle White / @gabrielleblanche

  • ‘Ploy’ is Silvertwin’s first release of 2021, with an album promised later this year.
  • Recorded at Electro-Vox studios in West Hollywood, L.A..
  • FFO: Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys & The Lemon Twigs.

It’s rare to come across upcoming bands these days who don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, who seem to genuinely enjoy and relish in their music; Silvertwin are one of them. Harkening back to a different age and coloured in a veil of retro, ‘Ploy’ is a charmingly naive stroll into the past.

The band have pulled out a tune that is almost more Paul McCartney than Paul McCartney himself. Anchored by piano-pop and interweaved with the youthful, dazy tones of The Beach Boys, it’s a song that wouldn’t be out of place being bopped along to by an adoring crowd on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Despite its clear influence from a golden era of pop, the band manage to stay away from pastiche and instead create not only a loving tribute to an age, but also a song that shines in its own right; conveying the rose-tinted naivety of blossoming young love, songwriter Isaac Shalam says: “‘Ploy’ is kind of about the insecurity or paranoia that comes with a blooming relationship”. 

Recorded at Electro-Vox Studios in West Hollywood, L.A, and produced by the esteemed Jonathan Rado (The Killers, Flaming Lips, Father John Misty) and a sold-out 2 night residency last year at London’s Pin-Ups, it’s clear the group’s talent isn’t going to go unrecognised for long. With their sunny, optimistic sound and apparent zeal for classic pop, Silvertwin are already proving that nostalgia is in and the present is so yesterday.

Catch them at their socially distanced shows at Hackney’s Paper Dress Vintage on May 9th and June 16th.