Tim Foil // ‘In Season’

Words: Danny Gillies / @danny_gillies

  • ‘In Season’ is the fifth single from the Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist.
  • Taking elements of hip-hop, pop and rock, Tim Foil has a unique sound.
  • FFO: Bruno Major, Gorillaz, Clairo.

With five singles released in 2020, Tim Foil has been hard at work. Recording, producing, mixing and mastering all of his own work is no mean feat but the effort pays off. Tracks like ‘Buttercup’ and ‘Past the Sun’ keep listeners interested while still being laid back and funky and Tim Foil’s latest single, ‘In Season’, carries this feeling on.

Opening with a single acoustic guitar, it’s clear ‘In Season’ is going to be a relaxed three minutes. A breakbeat keeps the track energetic while the vocal lines drifts over the top of the instrumental. ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get there’ is a line that stands out in ‘In Season’. It’s a track that has a nostalgic feel whilst staying gently optimistic. ‘In Season’’s lyrics don’t cover giant stories or crazy fantasies and that’s what’s so appealing; Tim Foil is relatable. Easy-going and well put together, Tim Foil has the perfect formula and with five tracks under his name, he’s showing no signs of slowing.

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