The Ninth Wave // ‘Everything Will Be Fine’

Words: Danny Gillies / @danny_gillies

  • The Ninth Wave release new single ‘Everything Will Be Fine’.
  • The track is the band’s first release since their ‘Happy Days’ EP.
  • FFO: Walt Disco, PVA, Lucia & The Best Boys.
📸 – Rory Barnes

The Ninth Wave are one of Scotland’s most exciting musical exports. With millions of streams to their name, the four-piece have just released their latest single, ‘Everything Will Be Fine’, on December 4th. Following their ‘Happy Days’ EP which was released in November, the band’s latest single takes a step in a more positive direction.

📸 – Marilena Vlachopoulou

‘Everything Will Be Fine’ is The Ninth Wave’s most optimistic track to date. “It’s a song about twisted optimism, self-reassurance and hope,” says singer Haydn Park-Patterson. The lyrics take on some intense topics, but The Ninth Wave aren’t ones to shy away from difficult discussion. “We want to help with normalising being emotional and finding comfort within your sadness” say the band, and it’s reflected in their style. Uplifting synths and the band’s signature industrial drum sound keep the track moving forward while Park-Patterson and Kidd’s vocals complement each other perfectly. Accompanied by a genuinely beautiful ten-minute extended version of the track, ‘Everything Will Be Fine’ is one of The Ninth Wave’s best releases yet.

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