Wings of Desire // ‘Runnin’’

Words: Danny Gillies / @danny_gillies

  • ‘Runnin’’ is the second release from new group Wings of Desire.
  • The track discusses feelings of frustration and optimism, accompanied with an uplifting instrumental.
  • FFO: LCD Soundsystem, Spector, The Ninth Wave.

Following their debut single ‘001’, ‘Runnin’’ is the latest release from Wings of Desire, who are comprised of Chloe and James, formerly of INHEAVEN. ‘Runnin’’ does everything you want it to. Driven by the drums and bass (drenched in reverb), the crescendo towards the end of the track is euphoric, leaving the listener wanting more in the best way possible. The instrumental forces the track forward whilst the impressive vocal delivery seems to sit above the rest of the track, speaking directly to the listener. It’s nostalgic, optimistic, and genuinely beautiful.

Above: Release artwork for ‘Runnin’’ (WMD Recordings).

Wings of Desire are no strangers to great songs and their previous experience shines through in their first two releases. It’s a promising start from the duo, and with two tracks released in their first month of existence, they’re showing no signs of slowing down.