PVA // ‘Talks’

Words: Danny Gillies / @danny_gillies

  • ‘Talks’ is the second release from this London trio.
  • PVA are set to release their ‘Toner’ EP on the 20th of November.
  • Having previously released their first track ‘Divine Intervention’ on Speedy Wunderground, this release comes to us via Big Dada Records.

Famous for their formidable live show, PVA cemented themselves in the London post-punk scene well before any releases. With debut single ‘Divine Intervention’ on nearly a quarter of a million plays on Spotify in under a year, PVA’s latest track ‘Talks’ is the perfect follow up.

With guitars straight from a Prince track and keys fit for 80’s house, ‘Talks’ is filled with groove that draws you in immediately. On top of the bass-driven backbeat are dark lead vocals, echoed by eerie backing vocal lines. The combination of dance and post-punk is a promising sample of the band’s ‘Toner’ EP, which drops on 20/11/20. With just two tracks and a collection of remixes released, PVA have plenty more to offer in the coming months.