Generation // ‘Tokyo’

Words: J Anderson / @j.ando22

  • ‘Tokyo’ is the second single by Liverpool punk duo Generation.
  • Released in anticipation of their debut mini-album ‘Suicidal Champagne’.
  • FFO: The Stooges & New York Dolls.

Formed in Liverpool during their late teens, Generation is the project of brothers James and Dean Carne. The duo has gathered an audience in their home city from live gigs and word of mouth, but withheld any releases until “satisfied that they were meeting their own, exacting standards”. With this in mind, 2020 proved a significant year for the pair with the release of their debut single ‘Suicidal Champagne’ and the follow-up ‘Tokyo’.

The influence of some classic proto-punk artists can be heard the instant ‘Tokyo’ begins. Snarling vocals about claustrophobia and the desire to escape your surroundings are set to guitars and drums that give Generation the sound of a Scouse Stooges. The Carnes’ clear skill as musicians, aided by the drumming and production of James Kenosha, hit a sweet spot of frantic, explosive energy, while still keeping ‘Tokyo’ sounding sharp and focused. Generation are set to release their debut ‘mini-album’ later this year.


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