heartspace // ‘text back’

Words: Sharc Bolan / @sharcbolan

  • The second single from Oklahoma-based synth pop artist ‘heartspace’
  • After spending years as a music photographer, Madelyn Amacher is “excited to finally be in their shoes” with new project
  • For fans of: LANY, MUNA, The Aces

If you haven’t been hit in the feels for a little while, stick on this synth bop from heartspace. Using music and writing as her creative outlet, ‘text back’ came to be after leaving her ex on ‘read’ after he’d done the same so many times before and writing a reply in song form instead.

For someone who hates being ignored, we can safely say that we don’t expect this to be the norm for much longer with tunes like this and her debut track ‘candles‘. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next…

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