YOWL // ‘Sunken Boy’

Words: Sharc Bolan / @sharcbolan & Feature Image: Jenn Five

  • YOWL are Gabriel Byrde (vocals), Ivor Manley (guitar), Mike Wride (guitar), Billy Morris (bass) and Tom Flynn (drums).
  • They recorded Atrophy (featuring ‘Sunken Boy’) with producer Alex Greaves (Bdrmm, Bloc Party, Working Mens Club, Spectres) at Nave Studios in Leeds.
  • The release is courtesy of Clue Records.

With a song title straight out of a Tim Burton poetry book and dubbed as a ‘nightmarish vision of Its Always Sunny x South Park x NSYNC’, let’s just say we weren’t sure what to expect from the latest release from Peckham outfit YOWL

The track begins with a spooky falsetto that explains exactly how we’ve been feeling about YOWL for some time now – we’ve been missing them. But now we have over five minutes of pleasant melody overlaying picked chords, transitioning into shouts and ferocious playing. We dig it, and we think you will too.

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