Lewis Murray // ‘Don’t Go Pretending’

Words: Dana Kats / @danakats13

One of the hardest things about this pandemic for all us gig lovers is the inability to just come across great emerging artists on otherwise uneventful weekday evenings. This is something which has always managed to make my day – even my week – depending on how obsessive I become with their songs.

Alas, pretend you have just finished work and are at a gig with me in your favourite venue. We’re casually sipping (not downing – appreciate the elegance) our pints waiting for the show.

Suddenly, Lewis Murray walks on stage performing his latest single ‘Don’t Go Pretending’, released just today.

Finally, a brilliant musical find!

📸 – Caroline Gustafsson

Sultry and almost erotic, the tune is a slow burn of soulful emotion and fearless self-expression, reaching a climax of impactful raw, distorted vocals. In an otherwise lounge-like feel that appeals to all senses, the crescendo is a pleasant way of surprising his audience by exhibiting his talent in full throttle.

In his own words, Lewis describes his latest release: “On the surface, ‘Don’t Go Pretending’ is an account of toxic behaviour. But the real message I want to convey is my own relationship to masculinity and what it means to me as a man. It’s nothing new to state that a lot of men are in a state of crisis with regards to their identity, but through this stage of transition I hope we can reinvent its definition for the better – stepping away from aggression and embracing vulnerability, openness and empathy in its place”.

Lewis is a musician and producer who has spent the last decade crafting his musical brilliance. He has managed to combine many different genres throughout the years from psychedelia, soft rock and pop whilst being involved in various projects. You may have even noticed him at  some of your pre-corona gigs as he also works as a live engineer around London.

“From melancholic piano ballads to indulgent guitar riffs, the ethos is to keep things organic and instinctive. His string of releases set for 2021 are personal reflections on life, relationships, identity and masculinity”.

Make sure to check him out, you will be far from disappointed.