Remi Wolf // ‘Hello Hello Hello’

Words: Dana Kats / @danakats13

  • Remi Wolf is a 24-year-old singer, songwriter & producer from California.
  • ‘Hello Hello Hello’ is a follow up to her major label debut EP, ‘I’m Allergic To Dogs!’.
  • She has quickly cemented herself as an unpredictable, genre-bending star in the making.
  • Released via Island Records.

If you’re familiar with the latest iPhone 12 then you’ve probably already heard the brilliance of Remi Wolf. Her latest single ‘Hello Hello Hello’ has already exploded all over the internet with more than 1.5 million streams on Spotify. The Polo & Pan remix of the track has already graced our ads on YouTube and on TV, making this the first promo song you don’t want to skip. The quirky and upbeat tune has the unique ability to make everyone want to burst into an impromptu dance move even amidst the worst health crisis of the century. Brilliantly bubbly and contagiously funky, ‘Hello Hello Hello’ is the second single Remi has released since her latest EP. 

Originally having self-released her debut EP ‘You’re A Dog!’ in September 2019, it didn’t take long before she caught the attention of major labels. This led to her most recent collaboration with Island Records, leading to her major label debut EP ‘I’m Allergic To Dogs!’ in June 2020. Her following is growing continuously, gaining an audience of all ages, leaving us all dangerously susceptible to the musical charm of Miss Remi Wolf.  Having received praise from major publications including TIME, The Guardian, L.A. Times and many more, this young artist is only just starting what looks like a long and fruitful career. Her distinctively unique voice and explosive energy is something that cannot be missed, whilst her colourful online presence exudes a brilliance that can convince even the most reserved of listeners.

In her own words she explains about ‘Hello Hello Hello’: “This is about a person cheating on their girlfriend with me and cheating on me with their girlfriend”. Do yourself a favour and after listening to her songs do a little bit of online research – it will be far from difficult to find videos of her on YouTube. You’ll be delighted to find out her personality is just as approachable as her music. The best friend we would all like to have and support religiously, from the sincerity of her words and her character, we are all expecting this modern pop and soulful artist to keep surprising us in the years to come. The 24-year-old singer, songwriter and producer is the explosion of talent we all needed to get us through 2020. We absolutely can’t wait for the future.


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