YONDER // ‘Medicine Dreams’

Words: Gabrielle White / @gabrielleblanche

  • YONDER is the newest musical project of SAHARAS band members Alex and Dan Lisle.
  • ‘Medicine Dreams’ lands somewhere between mellow psychedelia and early 2010’s indie.
  • The track debuted on Indie Central Music last month.

Though a fledgling musical project, YONDER are no strangers to the music scene. The Windsor based two-piece comprises of brothers Alex and Dan Lisle of indie-synth band SAHARAS, and sees them going at it on their own. Though the duo is still in its infancy, their debut track ‘Medicine Dreams’ is in no way overshadowed by their musical past, presenting a youthful, buoyant and effortless sound in its own right. 

Above: Release artwork for ‘Medicine Dreams’

‘Medicine Dreams’ feels reminiscent of an early 2010’s indie summertime track, akin to bands like FOALS.  The pair blend catchy, echoing guitar riffs with synths and vocals, so smoothly interlaced you can barely tell them apart. The melody bounces from moment to moment with mellow assuredness and the maturity and confidence one would expect from a veteran indie act. YONDER demonstrate a perfect transition into a new project, while not completely departing from SAHARAS’ brand of psychedelic indie-pop. ‘Medicine Dreams’ carves a familiar but clearly delineated path into something new and unexplored.